Lechoncito Seattle


Lechoncito For The People!


Lechoncito by Chef Eric Rivera

Lechoncito was created by chef Eric Rivera to help bring more Puerto Rican food to the forefront of the Seattle dining scene. He started popping up this concept in cafes, restaurants, and events through the city and has now found a permanent home at addo:incubator in Ballard. Eric has been cooking Puerto Rican food since he was a child while at the side of his grandfather. These dishes he learned have evolved into his own style to help bring flavors, preparations, and techniques he has learned in his professional cooking career. Through addo, Eric has been able to gauge the market to see if Puerto Rican food could stand on its own in the city. Finding a permanent space in Ballard has now allowed Lechoncito to grow into becoming the full-time lunch operation and to be served twice a week for dinner and provide leading companies throughout Seattle and the eastside with lunch and catering services.